Donate Supplies for Victims and the Programs

Supplies are necessary for everyday living for clients in the shelter. These items below are needed for the victims and programs of SAFE.

Toilet Paper                                        1 Ply Toilet Paper                                 Razors

Paper Towels                                      Diapers Any Size                                 Trash Bags

HE Laundry Detergent                 Wipes                                                        Deoderant

Dryer Sheets                                      Full & Twin Size Sheets                    Tampons & Pads

Plastic Wrap                                       Disinfectant Spray                              Cold & Flu Medicine

Aluminum Foil                                   Trash Bags                                               Tylonel & Ibuprofen

Diaper Rash Cream                        Canned Foods                                       Pillow Cases

Office Supplies                                  Hairbrushes                                           Shampoo & Conditioner

Body Wash                                          First Aid Supplies                                Hand Soap

Allergy Medicine                              Pillows                                                      Towels

Wash Cloths                                      Pens                                                             Toothbrushes & Toothpaste


Donations of supplies can be brought to either of our thrift stores, where we will pick them up. If you would like to schedule to have a donation picked up please fill out the form below.

This form is not ready for use yet. If you would like to make a donation of supplies please call 706-379-1901. Thank you!

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SAFE will only pick up donations in public places in Union and Towns counties. We will not pick up at any private residence. We will not pick up pre-used items for the shelter.
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