The Enotah Child Advocacy and Family Visitation Center began in 2003 as a supervised visitation program and a year later added the child advocacy component based on the needs assessed on the community.  In 2016 the name was changed to Butterfly House Child Advocacy Center. The Butterfly House began and continues to serve the children and families of Towns and Union Counties. 


Family Visitation Center Services

The Supervised Family Visitation Services work toward the goals of safety, permanency, and well-being for the families and children of Union and Towns Counties.  The Supervised Family Visitation Services will serve clients that have been referred by Department of Family and Children Services after the child was removed from the home and placed into foster care, relative care, or other placement outside the home of the family of origin or when it has been deemed unsafe for them to be with the referred adult unsupervised.   Some of the issues which may separate the families are substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, neglect and child abuse.

Child Advocacy Center Services

The Butterfly House Child Advocacy Center has been recognized as a full member of the Child Advocacy Centers of Georgia since 2004 which require biannual submission of standard compliance and an on site audit.  The Child Advocacy Center Services provide the following, upon referrals from Department of Family and Children Services, Law Enforcement, and/or the District Attorney’s Office as part of an ongoing investigation

Forensic Interviews

  •             Video/audio taping of forensic interviews
  •             Victim/Family Advocacy support
  •             Coordination of forensic medical exams
  •             Coordination of MDT
  •             Case Tracking
  •             Therapeutic services referrals
  •             Training on child maltreatment for MDT Members
  •             Community Prevention and Awareness Programs.


The Center is a comfortable, child friendly, culturally neutral environment where children can come to be interviewed regarding allegations of abuse or trauma.  Every effort will be made to coordinate or schedule services in a timely manner.  The guardian of the child must be present at the time direct care services are provided in order to give written consent.