Online Safety

imagescircle38Ways to Stay Safer While Using Technology

The following ideas may help someone experiencing technology abuse stay safer.

However, these ideas may need to be changed according to your particular needs.  Please contact S.A.F.E. at 706-379-3000 to discuss your specific plan for how to stay safer using technology.  If you think that you are being monitored through technology, it is likely that you are.

  • Computers store information on the websites you have visited even if you delete your browsing history.  Consider using a computer at a library, friend’s house, internet cafe or school to avoid an abuser’s ability to download spyware or keystroke loggers onto your personal computer.
  • Change your passwords regularly to something that could not be guessed easily.  Use special characters ($%&), numbers and capital and lowercase letters.
  • Email, text messages or instant messages are not confidential forms of communication, especially to talk to someone about the abuse in your life.
  • It is important to remember that an abuser or an abuser’s friends can see what you post on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking tools.  If you are thinking of leaving an abusive relationship or taking steps to leave, consider your posts very carefully since leaving can be very dangerous.