S.A.F.E provides support, advocacy, and emergency shelter for victims of Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, and Sexual Abuse, regardless of gender and to heighten community awareness of such abuse in Towns and Union counties. The S.A.F.E. organization is governed by a volunteer Board Of Directors and is funded by state, federal and private grants.


 The Butterfly House is designed to support families through its two internal programs: the Child Advocacy Center and Family Visitation. By establishing a child-first approach, our goal is to create a safe environment for the child regardless of the reason that the child or family has be referred to the program.  Learn More 

Domestic abuse is a serious problem that can happen to anyone. Without help, the abuse can get worse over time. It can sometimes become deadly. Trust your instincts! If you think you are in danger, you probably are.  Learn More 
Sexual abuse Victims Services are for all survivors and those supportive of them at any time, no matter gender identity, income, ability, religion, legal status or geography. You can speak out! Sexual Violence affects all of us